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Since the creation of G-invest in 2008, our engineers have worked for a large number of clients from different sectors of industry - among them petrochemicals, chemistry, ore extraction, environmental industries, farming, food and steel. With our experience in these various fields, we have honed the skills necessary to adapt to all your projects.

Our customers and their industries


In the petrochemical industry we have studied and designed treatment stations, methods of extraction and product assays (for example. zinc powders) as well as complete production lines for chalk extraction.

Nos ingenieurs sur chantier

We have worked in chemical research centres through the study and development of tools for fluid distribution in a variety of gasification reactors as well as the design of connectivity for a heat treatment production line.


We have produced studies for, and designed, screening plant, phosphate production lines and pneumatic transport systems for the mining industry.


We are working with a number of companies in the food industry, notably studies concerning space enhancement and the construction of new storage facilities.


Our geographical location, has led to many years in contact with the steel industry and our work in this sector is therefore much more diversified. We have carried out tooling recovery projects, of gas manifolds for example, as well as on the design of energy and product distribution systems (pipelines, tubing etc.). We have recently completed and submitted a dossier conforming to the ATEX directive.


In the environment, we are regularly involved in soil decontamination projects.

The Grillo Group

Our complementary company portfolio

Our design and engineering office, carrying out audits, price quotes, studies and procedures for all your projects.

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Our workshop, for steel structures, tanks, pipelines and other material.

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A company providing assembly of centralized lubrication systems, sales of lubrication equipment and maintenance of installations.

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